Sleeping Issues


I go through periods of time where I can’t sleep. It even happened when I was little. My Dad used to tuck me in and tell me to close my eyes. Then he would go through my muscles from head to toe and tell me to relax them one by one. By the time we got to my shoulders I was usually asleep.

The sleepless nights continued in college and the relaxation techniques still worked…most of time. Some nights I was just too anxious and I would lie awake for hours or go for a late night walk on campus.

Last night was one of those nights. My brain wouldn’t stop talking to me about all my new projects. I finally got to sleep around midnight (went to bed at 9:30) after trying to relax my face about a hundred times, always getting sidetracked at the lips. What ultimately worked was singing one line of a song over and over in my head.

Anyway, I got up this morning around 6:00 for my run.

Early Morning Run

I forgot how nice it was to get out before anyone is really up and going. I also forgot how miserable it was to run in a place with such high humidity (almost 80% this morning!).

This was my thought progression during the 3 miles:

"Oh, this is nice & peaceful."
"I feel good."
"Alright, this is starting to hurt a little."
"Reasons why I hate running: 1. It’s hard, 2. It’s hard, 3; It’s hard." (I tend to have repetitive thoughts while running)
"Almost home, keeping going, Sarah."
"Agh why aren’t I home yet?"
"I see the house!"
Stops, out of breath, "Ah, I hate running."

I don’t really think I hate running. Before and after I feel great, during is another story.

It’s like childbirth (so I hear). The reason you keep having babies is because you forget the pain of childbirth. The reason I keep running is because I forget the pain of running.

Breakfast, etc

Breakfast consisted of Egg McMuffins and fresh strawberries. They are soooo good right now.

I scrambled up two eggs and added a little Mrs. Dash, salt, and pepper. The Mrs. Dash makes the eggs taste like chicken. Then I put the hot eggs on some homemade wheat bread and melted some mozzarella on top. Yum. Perfect recovery meal.

I’m off to continue the day!

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