I Wish I Could Dance

I’m sitting here watching So You Think You Can Dance for the first time this year. I know some people LOVE the auditions for these kinds of reality shows but, especially for SYTYCD, I like to see the cream of the crop. Everything else is just a waste of my time.

I guess you could argue that it’s all a waste of time, but it’s such a good way to relax at the end of a long day. I just like to make sure I’m watching the good stuff. And the people who make it onto this show have real talent. They make me want to be able to express myself like that. I think, to this day, this is my favorite routine:

Travis & Heidi dancing to Celine Dion’s “Calling You”

Ugh. It still gets me every time.

The Vegas callbacks are on right now. It’s a little overdramatic for me, but I’ll take it. Can’t wait until the real part of the show starts.

Dinner & Cooling Off

I think my brain is melting a little with this heat.

After work Joey picked me up so we could go for a swim in his parent’s pool.

We had some pasta salad, leftover (cold) grilled chicken with oregano, and green salad from a bag.The pasta salad was really refreshing and had beans, cheese, pepperoni, tomatoes, olives, and a little dressing.

The house was even hotter than outside and by the time dinner was over I was dripping sweat. Thank god for this:

I’ve got to get this laptop off of my lap! Too. Hot.

Stay cool, loves!

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